Acupuncture is based on the principle that in good health, our energy or ‘Qi’ flows strongly and freely through our Channels.  An experienced practitioner will be able to pick up on early disharmonies within the body, by examining the tongue and the pulse, even before the patient is aware of any health issues.   A pale, quivering tongue can indicate Qi deficiency, and the Spleen’s function can be tonified for better energy and vitality.   A wiry pulse can be indicative of some stagnation of the Liver’s energy, and in this case needles can be used to promote the smooth flow of Qi in our bodies, restoring balance.

Start to think of complementary treatment as a healthy preventative measure, much like regular check ups with the dentist, or an annual car service!  Regular Acupuncture treatment can be an excellent way to iron out any imbalances before they escalate into more serious health issues.

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