March 20th is officially the first day of Spring, and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is the time of year to look at the health of your Liver. This is the organ most prone to ‘stagnation’, and can lead to feeling of irritability, anger and depression. In Nature around us, the temperature is warming up and energy is rising.  Small  green shoots are beginning to sprout. Now is the time to stock up on green foods to support Liver function, such as kale, parsley, cucumber, watercress, chives and asparagus. Supplements such as Milk Thistle, Spirulina and Turmeric all help protect and detox our Livers. Try starting your day with a morning cup of warm water with a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with a teaspoon of local honey. Even simpler, just drink a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon. Looking after our Liver in Spring, helps us to enjoy the rest of the year in good health.


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