“You are what you eat”

Traditional Chinese Medicine has long recognised the impact that food can have on our bodies.  There is an idea that certain foods can cause a depletion of the Spleen’s energy and lead to an accumulation of ‘Dampness’ in the body. This in turn can result in feelings of bloating, tiredness, lethargy, foggy-headedness.  Cold foods such as salads, ice cream, dairy, bananas should all be avoided in this case.  Similarly ‘hot’ foods such as chilli, red meat and alcohol, can all lead to Heat in our bodies and affect our Liver.

Food should never be eaten ‘on the run’, whilst working at desk, too late at night or in too large portions.  All of these can impact on our digestions and ultimately our health.  For example, did you know that broccoli and cabbage contain goitrogens which can actually inhibit thyroid function?

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