Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects up to 22% of the population, and twice as many women as men suffer from the condition.  It is a chronic functional disorder of the gastrointestinal system.  Symptoms can include abdominal pain, bloating and changes in bowel habits, either predominantly diarrhoea or constipation or both.  Doctors are unsure as to the precise cause of IBS, but diet, stress and illness can be significant contributory factors.

Research has shown that Acupuncture can help alleviate IBS symptoms.  Classically, this problem is diagnosed as a disharmony between the Spleen and Liver organs.  Acupuncture has been shown to help with pain relief (Pomeranz 1987); increase parasympathetic tone (Schneider 2007b); reduce anxiety and depression (Samuels 2008) and regulate motility of the digestive tract (Yin 2010).

For more information visit the British Acupuncture Council


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